CRM, Database? Customer Relationship? Client Management System? Reporting Software? EFFICIENCY Total Client and Business Management can manage your entire Corporate needs. 

AVA Systems provides industry specific solutions for managing the organisational, marketing, customer- facing and transactional parts of your organisation in a single system. Run your organisation successfully with the most comprehensive tool in the market, EFFICIENCY Total Client and Business Management.

This total Client Relations Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) system is very easy to use working from a central screen with access to all related information.

The system supports and enhances automated business processes, transparency and flexibility for management and for the end user, allowing better overall efficiency – the key to any successful organisation.

EFFICIENCY Best Product for your Industry

Not-For-Profit and Cindustries draft 3harity Organisations – There is a problem in the industry today of efficiently being able to manage all the relationships with clients, contacts and organisations on various levels, spend time on operations and processes as well as to gather management information.

Financial Organisations – There is a problem in the industry today to produce more with fewer resources and a tighter budget.

Service, Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution Organisations – There is a problem in the industry today of managing all relationships with various customers, suppliers and organisations, spending too much time managing operations and processes; and on gathering management information

Services, Clubs and Associations – There is a problem in the industry today of managing 1000s of members or customers and having up to date information about each one of them.

Other Industries Include:

  • Sports clubs – football, racing, etc
  • Disability/Community Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Commercial
  • Finance
  • Franchise
  • Associations
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aged Care
  • Not for Profit/Charity
  • Foundations
  • Institutes/Training
  • Health
  • Clubs
  • Media
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Publishing
  • Plus many more
  • Retail

Accessing Data, Deliver Services, Management Always – Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device…

Total Client and Business Management Client Management Systems on Mobile Cloud Tablet

If you are running EFFICIENCY in Cloud or your local area server is MS Server 2008 or later then  EFFICIENCY is fully available via network, thin client, seamless windows, online, through browser, on PCs, Macs, Mobile Devices and Tablets.

Not just a CRM, CMS or Database

You may want to call us a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CMS (Client Management System) or Database Management product, however, EFFICIENCY offer more.

  • EFFICIENCY is not a static system like the majority of other software packages ie the others are usually designed to enter data, process data, print reports and that is where it ends
  • EFFICIENCY is a dynamic, multi-level, multi-tiered Total Client and Business Process Management system.
  • Its unique design has the flexibility to give you a single source and view for managing and running your entire business and operations.
  • Easily manage all clients, members, customer service, programs, marketing campaigns, events, and call centre activities
  • Automate your business processes in managing resources, assets and help desk services
  • The dynamic views and reports make your organisation more effective, your people to work more efficient and the organisation to be more profitable
  • Improve your customer relations, products and services, plant and asset maintenance
  • Create more sales and revenue opportunities and increase your customer satisfaction
  • Streamline your processes with EFFICIENCY and get better results with fewer resources.
  • Provide better service. Be able to manage activities, operations and campaigns at the same time
  • Get 100s of dynamic management reports with real time information.
  • Flexible solution with modules for small and large organisations. Run your entire business from a central screen
  • You can choose which modules to implement, and add more as your business needs change.

Speed Up YOUR Corporate Evolution with EFFICIENCY….